Writing Prompt for Social Media

SUBJECT:  Of the multitude uses for social media what role do our international government’s play?  Conspiracy theory’s?  Data collection?  Tracking individual’s and social groups?  Etc…?



The Woman Within

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  

Ralph Waldo Emerson


A few months ago I told a dear friend that I wanted, or anyway had a thought, to create a women’s group.  The idea was to create a complete support system made of women, and just for women.  Now, here in the present, I was guided to a support group ‘just for women’ that had been established for 30 years.  A clear reminder to me that there is nothing new under the sun, and, of course, how could this group not already exist?


Women need women.  Why?  Good question.  Society in fact, pits us against each other. Competing in all sorts of ways that give us no option but to change and re-frame who and what we really are to adjust to pre-set worldly ideals.  So, we don our masks of many kinds and strike off into the grand world completely oblivious that we have just buried our unique and precious authenticity.


Projecting forward we’ve created our entire lives based on some adopted/adapted personal concept we have inadvertently agreed to own.  Being completely entrenched in the costume of believing we are what we are not, we blindly accept the facade as our truth.  And we therefore claim it.  That ‘now’ truth dictates our lives.  We have successfully hidden our Self so deeply within that we would put up an argument most fierce in defense of the illusion.


In life, we now select our partners, our work, and all our various worldly roles wearing masks.  Eventually, by whatever trigger, we one day waken to realize we are really not happy at all.  How did this happen?  We ask ourselves.  The answer lies in the insanity of complete separation from our original identification with who we are.  Our authentic, beautiful, unique Self.


Should I say this idea applies to all women everywhere?  I don’t know.  You will have to be the judge.  We all should do a self-check, perhaps, to see if we really know ourselves, or if all we know is what we have accepted based on concepts, most likely, lovingly, imposed upon us since birth.  Others, not so lovingly, institutionally and otherwise imposed upon us by societies constrained beliefs.


Fearfully, we may begin to realize that we are not ourselves, and we are in complete conflict with our entire reality.  That our whole beingness is based on a false perception, and now, knowing that and accepting it –we are completely undone.  Internal conflict creates a sense of being completely out of touch with reality as we know it.  We stand, therefore, at the threshold of –what now?


As women who have begun to awaken within our Self we realize we have two choices. We can continue the facade, and life as we know it will ‘seem’ to move forward unchanged.  Or, we can begin to find and eventually embrace our birthright, and find ways to own our true Self.  It is human nature to resist change and so we may think it much easier just to keep the status quo.  After all, we are pretty much ‘okay’.  Really?


The problem with this choice?  It is decisive recipe for disaster.  Why?  Because once you ‘know’ a truth, you can not ‘un-know’ it.  You have the option, should you choose, to go through the remainder of life knowing you are living in a dream.  A dream created upon a false perception of reality.  You will always know you are not whole because you have decided to remain separate from your true identity.


Indeed, the only real choice is the choice for being ‘real’.  We are resistant only because of the fear behind the idea of change.  The truth is, at some stage in life most women have been catapulted from their mundane dream-state existence, and tossed flailing out of the fairy tale into the great unknown.  Many of us run straight back to Wonderland the moment our feet hit the ground realizing it is time to ‘own up’.  But—for those who make a conscious decision to embrace their Truth and honor the ‘woman within’–the brave ones who dare in this world to know and be authentic–to them belong the grand adventure called Life.  Reaching deep inside and then outwardly into the unknown, like budding flowers, we begin to explore our new world with fresh eyes.  We armor our Self with unconditional self-love.  We discard our masks and embrace our Truth.


Now we are free.


[Art and Script by Angela M. O’Neal.  Inspired by life, love, & women]


Is that a crazy question?  Well, maybe, but consider it…

INSIGHTS from A Course In Miracles

Insights from A Course In Miracles…Can you escape the world you created?  What is the reality in which you truly exist?

For what lies beyond is the next chapter and the continuing saga of the little self that believes it suffers and believes it can die.

If you believe your death will release you, then you have believed in the lie of the world of illusion that tells you that you are a body.

Be glad and sing instead.  Ask to see with me the truth of your being and the timelessness of true love.

Contemplating Time
Art by Angela M. O’Neal


Having denied Self and set aside Truth–a fruitless effort–to exist in a world that directs paths according to ‘it’s’ tenants– Wake (!) from weary wasteful sleep where time seems to dwell–Long days, and hours, and years, resting in such separated solitude as to elude the denial of pursuits of freedom–remembrances of sanity.  Now.  Awake.  Truth of being gives voice, and sings it’s forgotten songs– deep and joyous (Love)–None could see (less) except such visage; and, in fact, leave no favored or ill mark on it at all.

“I dwell in my own illusions and I love my creations”

The Inner Critic & The Millionaire

005 (2) (800x796)

Meeting of the Mind/s

In the beginning was the critic, and the critic was without form and void, powerless in the darkness and moving in the waters of our emotions–awaiting creation. In the beginning was the Millionaire, possessing all the same potential of the critic. Which shall rise up to be created?

New to the art world I was unfamiliar with the term, Inner Critic, but not now. Of course, the Inner Critic has existed in it’s other forms and different words that get tossed around about us…“everyone is their own worse critic”…”own worse enemy”…”inner child”…etc. Why are we so eager to create these picky little critters? Why do we allow them to even exist? Others around us appear to be giving us words of encouragement and support, but even with the greatest compliments, we tend to go into auto inner critic mode. As soon as we are given words of hope we dash it to bits with our nitpickyness. At those moments the Inner Critic has taken control and created a nice big delusional block to our truth. Our blinders have been mounted and we are unable to see.

Where is the Millionaire? The Millionaire is in exactly the same place as the Inner Critic. The Millionaire is moving, formless and awaiting creation. The Millionaire says you really can do this, you really are wonderful, and I want to shower you with abundance and free you from the prison of the Inner Critic, but you just won’t let me. I send you hope all the time. Reminders large and small that I am here, in the shadows, lifting you up and encouraging you. But you don’t even know I’m here. You can’t see me.

(INTERJECTION: This story could go in all kinds of directions, twisting and turning according to our own experiences. Filling in the blanks so to speak, but I want to keep it on this little path right now where only the Inner Critic and the Millionaire are at play. I’m only using the Millionaire because that’s what has been coming up for me recently, so I’m sticking him in here.)

Obviously, the example above clearly tells us we can either create the Inner Critic and continue to feed and nurture it and receive those ‘rewards’, or we can create the Millionaire who wants to shower us with wealth and abundance. In the mind we can create our reality. We do it every day. We think a thought and then we move in that direction. Sometimes we do it with great intention and sometimes we don’t think we really even know we are doing it at all.

When we finally decide to have a meeting with our mind we are instantly in a huge power position because as we engage our mind the gears begin to move and shift and we are creating, creating, creating. What will you give creative life to?


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The Latent Artist

Who knew?!  Growing up with an Artist Mother I was never compelled to really explore my artistic side in the form of painting.  Mother is a brilliant water color artist, but even so I never saw it as a way to make a living and therefore just discounted it as anything within my range of vision.  It took me many long years to finally ‘see’ that the art was not a thing that one ‘did’, it is a thing that one ‘is’.  Quite a difference.  For in the love of the artistic expression it’s as much a part of you as breathing.  It simply must be so.  You may choose to hide it in ‘the closet’, but eventually it will show.  It will leak out and everyone will know the truth. Of course, that is exactly what happened to me, so instead of fighting the wave I am riding it.  I finally know that I have to be true to myself, so yes, I AM AN ARTIST!