INSIGHTS from A Course In Miracles

Insights from A Course In Miracles…Can you escape the world you created?  What is the reality in which you truly exist?

For what lies beyond is the next chapter and the continuing saga of the little self that believes it suffers and believes it can die.

If you believe your death will release you, then you have believed in the lie of the world of illusion that tells you that you are a body.

Be glad and sing instead.  Ask to see with me the truth of your being and the timelessness of true love.

Contemplating Time
Art by Angela M. O’Neal

The Whistle Stop Meditation

The Whistle Stop Meditation

Text to follow at a later date.  

(An adaptation of the meditation by Gary Renard  An Original Form of True Prayer)


Having denied Self and set aside Truth–a fruitless effort–to exist in a world that directs paths according to ‘it’s’ tenants– Wake (!) from weary wasteful sleep where time seems to dwell–Long days, and hours, and years, resting in such separated solitude as to elude the denial of pursuits of freedom–remembrances of sanity.  Now.  Awake.  Truth of being gives voice, and sings it’s forgotten songs– deep and joyous (Love)–None could see (less) except such visage; and, in fact, leave no favored or ill mark on it at all.

“I dwell in my own illusions and I love my creations”

Love Letters to Love. Two.

Dear Love,

Love.  Interferes with all reason.  Though, called love…a false mind, is blind to its error.  For only love in the form of it’s shadowy illusion has no real account of truth.  And so, can not honor the word, such as it is, as truth.  For indeed it seeks to betray and distract it’s true heart with painful regrets and discouragements.  And as such, denies the reality of what is true love, and abandons it for lies.

True Love

Love Letters to Love. One.

Dear Love,

My love is born on eagle’s wings and soars to the heaven’s unchecked but by the dove of soft song and simple ease of speech.  Endless is it’s pursuit in pleasurable companionship, basking in the likeness of spiritclenched souls.  Forever bound and tied in freedom.  How sweet.  How precious and pure.  How true and right.  But in the shade of the mighty oak my love lies and ponders from afar from lost life’s memories unknown by it’s unremembrance.  Hearts so true bound to the endlessness of unreal time.  So faithful as to stand partnered forever in the united front of loves common note.  So I say to love, I will love.  I AM love.  I do.