Coping with Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Dealing with Recent or Childhood Trauma So You Can Move On

Learn about emotional trauma, including the symptoms and what you can to do heal and move on.

Source: Coping with Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Dealing with Recent or Childhood Trauma So You Can Move On

Go In Peace: An Essay on the War on Terror


Can you see peace? What does it look like? Can you see a time when we do not send our young people in harm’s way?

The challenge for us is to build a vision of peace. This will require courage to be introspective, to look deeply within ourselves and to ask difficult questions, to strip away the rhetoric and the hate.

Have you ever thought how this war on terror would end? Some say it will never end. They say fear is a permanent fixture of our lives. Don’t believe it! Wars are made by man and they can be stopped by man. John Kennedy made an inspired speech in the summer of 1963, 4 months before he was assassinated in Dallas, when he addressed the graduating class at American University. He asked Americans to look inside themselves and examine their attitudes as individuals and as a Nation.

“That every…

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For the young lady who decided today to add this art to her home in Florida.  I am so happy it has a new home with someone who loves art!

“This mixed media acrylic collage is just as the title suggests…a contemplation of time. There are many layers of paper and paint giving it a lot of texture, but in the content the idea’s mainly expressed relate to the way women use time. Regrets of time misused through the bondage to time itself. Too much time in dreaming while leaving behind the dream. Keeping it just on the edges of our mind, but never bringing it forward because of a misplaced priority of time. Many ideas to contemplate through this work. I’m sure you can find your own way.”

Contemplating Time
Art by Angela M. O’Neal

Aug 30 – Sep 22 ~ Our Luckiest, Most Loving Mercury Retrograde Yet!

On August 30th 2016 Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo and as Mercury rules Virgo, this is going to be a highly loving, affectionate, harmonious, memorable period. Often we dread Mercury retrogra…

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A Visual Practice for Self-Knowing

I thought I would talk about ‘the mirror’ for a moment.  I invite you to follow along using these images as an exercise in self-awareness.  You will gain insights to your true self and reveal that which is hidden through this simple visual practice.

See yourself standing before the mirror and you think you see a reflection of yourself, right?  I do.  Now, see your best friend standing before you as the mirror.  What do you see?  You probably think you see someone who gets you. Someone who sees you like no one else does.  A very special person.  When you look in this mirror you may easily see parts of yourself which you ‘love’ and so this image is very pleasing and you want more.

Now, replace the mirror image of your best friend with someone who you have much conflict.  Notice how quickly your happy…

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The Inner Critic & The Millionaire


005 (2) (800x796)

Meeting of the Mind/s

In the beginning was the critic, and the critic was without form and void, powerless in the darkness and moving in the waters of our emotions–awaiting creation. In the beginning was the Millionaire, possessing all the same potential of the critic. Which shall rise up to be created?

New to the art world I was unfamiliar with the term, Inner Critic, but not now. Of course, the Inner Critic has existed in it’s other forms and different words that get tossed around about us…“everyone is their own worse critic”…”own worse enemy”…”inner child”…etc. Why are we so eager to create these picky little critters? Why do we allow them to even exist? Others around us appear to be giving us words of encouragement and support, but even with the greatest compliments, we tend to go into auto inner critic mode. As soon as we are given…

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