Writing Prompt

Will they hear me when I’m old?  Does age bring wisdom or simply unfettered confidence in expression?


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

    1. Good question. Maybe it depends on our desire and willingness to listen to our inner voice. If wisdom is asking us to make serious changes that we either don’t want to or are not ready to make, then we’ll probably ignore our ‘wisdom’s’. But, if we are ‘seekers of truth’ we will likely welcome everything our life has so far brought to our table–be it honey or vinegar.


      1. I like the analogy honey and vinegar. There are certainly vinegary thoughts and words. Listening to one ‘s inner voice is important in times of danger, as it can warn us to take care, picking up on subtle signs that we might outwardly miss. You know when the hairs prick up on the back of one’s neck or you sense that something doesn’t feel right? I do listen to that. I supposed some people think it is an angel looking it for them. I prefer to think of it as the inner Voice or intuition.

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