The Inner Critic & The Millionaire

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Meeting of the Mind/s

In the beginning was the critic, and the critic was without form and void, powerless in the darkness and moving in the waters of our emotions–awaiting creation. In the beginning was the Millionaire, possessing all the same potential of the critic. Which shall rise up to be created?

New to the art world I was unfamiliar with the term, Inner Critic, but not now. Of course, the Inner Critic has existed in it’s other forms and different words that get tossed around about us…“everyone is their own worse critic”…”own worse enemy”…”inner child”…etc. Why are we so eager to create these picky little critters? Why do we allow them to even exist? Others around us appear to be giving us words of encouragement and support, but even with the greatest compliments, we tend to go into auto inner critic mode. As soon as we are given words of hope we dash it to bits with our nitpickyness. At those moments the Inner Critic has taken control and created a nice big delusional block to our truth. Our blinders have been mounted and we are unable to see.

Where is the Millionaire? The Millionaire is in exactly the same place as the Inner Critic. The Millionaire is moving, formless and awaiting creation. The Millionaire says you really can do this, you really are wonderful, and I want to shower you with abundance and free you from the prison of the Inner Critic, but you just won’t let me. I send you hope all the time. Reminders large and small that I am here, in the shadows, lifting you up and encouraging you. But you don’t even know I’m here. You can’t see me.

(INTERJECTION: This story could go in all kinds of directions, twisting and turning according to our own experiences. Filling in the blanks so to speak, but I want to keep it on this little path right now where only the Inner Critic and the Millionaire are at play. I’m only using the Millionaire because that’s what has been coming up for me recently, so I’m sticking him in here.)

Obviously, the example above clearly tells us we can either create the Inner Critic and continue to feed and nurture it and receive those ‘rewards’, or we can create the Millionaire who wants to shower us with wealth and abundance. In the mind we can create our reality. We do it every day. We think a thought and then we move in that direction. Sometimes we do it with great intention and sometimes we don’t think we really even know we are doing it at all.

When we finally decide to have a meeting with our mind we are instantly in a huge power position because as we engage our mind the gears begin to move and shift and we are creating, creating, creating. What will you give creative life to?


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