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The Latent Artist

Who knew?!  Growing up with an Artist Mother I was never compelled to really explore my artistic side in the form of painting.  Mother is a brilliant water color artist, but even so I never saw it as a way to make a living and therefore just discounted it as anything within my range of vision.  It took me many long years to finally ‘see’ that the art was not a thing that one ‘did’, it is a thing that one ‘is’.  Quite a difference.  For in the love of the artistic expression it’s as much a part of you as breathing.  It simply must be so.  You may choose to hide it in ‘the closet’, but eventually it will show.  It will leak out and everyone will know the truth. Of course, that is exactly what happened to me, so instead of fighting the wave I am riding it.  I finally know that I have to be true to myself, so yes, I AM AN ARTIST!


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