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4-18-2018…of interest…Cause and Effect

I posted a blog a couple of days ago and this morning I was making a couple of corrections–spelling & punctuation.  In one particular paragraph I had the words effect and affect.  I knew instinctively I had used the wrong one in one instance, but as I was making my correction I decided that I wanted a very clear definition of each word freshly in my mind.  I retrieved my huge dictionary, The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary of The English Language.  My first initial thought was to just ‘google it’, but I opted for the ‘Big Book’ instead.  The definitions were very clear and quite distinct, and as you would expect referenced ” cause and effect”, which I also did in my prose.  But here’s the ‘goody’.  Bear with me…

Directly after making my changes, I was drawn to my all-time favorite book (–).  [A little background is needed to sync up the significance of this particular ‘moment in time’.  This book has a very strong draw to the women in my immediate family.  We all claim it as a favorite or ‘the’ favorite of our beloved fictional texts, and we each have or have had multiple copies–just because we love it so.]  As I was saying, I was drawn to this book and decided to take a read.  As always, I need every word.  I even read all the copyright and publishing information.  So, turning to the Preface, the very first sentence reads thus…“The theme of this book is reincarnation, an attempt to show the interplay – the law of cause and effect, good and evil, among certain individual souls in two periods of English history.”

[Who cares, right?!  I understand that this synchronistic event means absolutely nothing to you.  Or does it?  I am; however, quite certain it has significant meaning for me.  Synchronicity always tells me, “Here!  Here is a clue you need to see.  Now go ‘inside’ and question it.”]

To find out if my sync syncs up for you too, then, ‘go within’ and ask yourself, is there some little nugget here for me?  You may be surprised with the answer.

Ponder…cause and effect…


(Book quote from Anya Seyton’s Green Darkness)

A New World, A New You

[I am a regular person.  I wake up every morning and say to myself, “I don’t know anything”.  Keeping that in mind, the following prose may seem like I think I do.  I only know what I ‘believe’ to be true, and I have looked much deeper than surface knowledge to find my personal truths.  That can change.  In fact, it does change.  My desire here is simply to give you some food for thought.  I’m asking you to question the world you live in.  I’m asking you to question your belief about what you think is absolute.  If you are a happy camper in this world, you probably won’t feel a need to explore and make any adjustments, but I still encourage you to seek for truth, and to not accept blindly what images are paraded before you in all forms of communication that affect the vast majority of humanity.]

Our world is changing.  Can you feel it?  Not just the planet and all of the natural changes, but something deeply personal to the human race.  Are we Changing?  The chaos around us spins seemingly out of control.  But is it?  Are we still so asleep as to accept all we are carefully dished out on social media platforms, including TV, movies, news media, books, etc ….  Begin to listen and pay attention then see the patterns that hold us hypnotically. We absorb massive amounts of data that we can absolutely not fully cognize.  Isn’t the overload still there deep within the subconscious level?  Isn’t this a way to affect our behavior, influence our thoughts, control our minds, and ultimately lead us along a designed path?  On the deepest level then, who is really controlling this agenda?

The media stuns us daily with horrifying images and news that at the very least disturbs our sense of peace.  But, amazingly we thread through the eye of the needle and weave it into the fabric of our lives until ultimately it becomes diluted and then forgotten as the next series of atrocities stuns us once again. What happens when one is stunned?  Initially, shaken and frozen-paralyzed-and unable to control one’s self, then soon, the effect wears off.  Gradually, you return to a normal state of function.  You may barely recall the initial shock that stunned you in the beginning.  That is exactly what happens in media.

Granted, sometimes the masses-that is you and me- rise up and demand change.  When that happens, when that cry for justice and liberty is united with combined mass consciousness, then we can affect change.  But we must be careful and vigilant-questioning all we observe that is put before us.  Understanding the possibility others manipulate our behavior.   Are there elite, the select few that hold power strings?  ‘Behind’ the scenes, do they control the vast majority of human kind?  Are they perhaps in such fear the ‘awakened’ masses will finally decide that they are the masters of their own destiny?  Do they infect every level of direct power upon us, including local and state levels of control?  To know the truth, shouldn’t we be willing to seek the truth?  That is an individual responsibility.  Can we be naive and trusting of what we see and hear without asking questions?

My quest here is not to rally a revolution, (as if I could), but to encourage you to open your eyes and be willing to accept at least the possibility that everything you believe could be grossly manipulated and nothing like you think. Only through knowledge can we be inspired to seek action.  What would you think of your elected officials (that ‘you’ chose), if you discovered they were suddenly exposed as drug trafficers, murderers, thieves, and engrossed in the many levels of human trafficing?  What would you do?  Are you thinking, what can I do about it?  Perhaps your life is happy and balanced and not seemingly affected by the ‘outside world’.  Why should you disrupt your quiet existence and then entertain a ‘thought’, just a thought, of taking action?  Can you accept the known science in quantum physics that tells us how intricately we are all connected?  Just your pure thought is a matter of ‘action’ that carries a force behind it that causes effects.  We are all intrinsically wired to one another on an energetic level, and therefore we are all affecting the world we are experiencing.  Imagine the affect of positive change we could create just through joined and directed thoughts of the masses–me and you.  Would you opt for peace, harmony, elimination of all poverty and illness, the ability to control your own life?

Certainly, we should consider the possibility that others with negative agenda’s position their selves to co-create by joining their collective thought-directed energy–and they are NOT concerned with a positive outcome for anyone but their selves.  However horrible and perhaps scary that may seem to us, we have to remember that positive agenda numbers are greater.  You CAN take charge of the world you see, and create a new lens to view it through.

May you experience a truth revelation.



The Heart of ‘I’–part one

At the heart of self-discovery is a deep longing to connect with the divine that ultimately is found within my own consciousness.  Labels only serve to hold me and my perception of Self in a limited frame.  I find a sense of true Self when I release labels and dive deeply within the hidden realms of my inner world.

The journey transforms my perception of reality as I begin to uncover my own infinite creative nature.  Freedom is found in the caverns I am willing to explore in order to find new knowledge, and at once release me from pre-conceived notions of who and what I am intrinsically.

The stronger my desire to know my authentic Self, the more intently motivated am I to allow myself to open up to cosmic consciousness and re-member the truth of my unlimited creative and co-creative beingness.

Writing Prompt for Social Media

SUBJECT:  Of the multitude uses for social media what role do our international government’s play?  Conspiracy theory’s?  Data collection?  Tracking individual’s and social groups?  Etc…?


The Woman Within

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  

Ralph Waldo Emerson


A few months ago I told a dear friend that I wanted, or anyway had a thought, to create a women’s group.  The idea was to create a complete support system made of women, and just for women.  Now, here in the present, I was guided to a support group ‘just for women’ that had been established for 30 years.  A clear reminder to me that there is nothing new under the sun, and, of course, how could this group not already exist?


Women need women.  Why?  Good question.  Society in fact, pits us against each other. Competing in all sorts of ways that give us no option but to change and re-frame who and what we really are to adjust to pre-set worldly ideals.  So, we don our masks of many kinds and strike off into the grand world completely oblivious that we have just buried our unique and precious authenticity.


Projecting forward we’ve created our entire lives based on some adopted/adapted personal concept we have inadvertently agreed to own.  Being completely entrenched in the costume of believing we are what we are not, we blindly accept the facade as our truth.  And we therefore claim it.  That ‘now’ truth dictates our lives.  We have successfully hidden our Self so deeply within that we would put up an argument most fierce in defense of the illusion.


In life, we now select our partners, our work, and all our various worldly roles wearing masks.  Eventually, by whatever trigger, we one day waken to realize we are really not happy at all.  How did this happen?  We ask ourselves.  The answer lies in the insanity of complete separation from our original identification with who we are.  Our authentic, beautiful, unique Self.


Should I say this idea applies to all women everywhere?  I don’t know.  You will have to be the judge.  We all should do a self-check, perhaps, to see if we really know ourselves, or if all we know is what we have accepted based on concepts, most likely, lovingly, imposed upon us since birth.  Others, not so lovingly, institutionally and otherwise imposed upon us by societies constrained beliefs.


Fearfully, we may begin to realize that we are not ourselves, and we are in complete conflict with our entire reality.  That our whole beingness is based on a false perception, and now, knowing that and accepting it –we are completely undone.  Internal conflict creates a sense of being completely out of touch with reality as we know it.  We stand, therefore, at the threshold of –what now?


As women who have begun to awaken within our Self we realize we have two choices. We can continue the facade, and life as we know it will ‘seem’ to move forward unchanged.  Or, we can begin to find and eventually embrace our birthright, and find ways to own our true Self.  It is human nature to resist change and so we may think it much easier just to keep the status quo.  After all, we are pretty much ‘okay’.  Really?


The problem with this choice?  It is decisive recipe for disaster.  Why?  Because once you ‘know’ a truth, you can not ‘un-know’ it.  You have the option, should you choose, to go through the remainder of life knowing you are living in a dream.  A dream created upon a false perception of reality.  You will always know you are not whole because you have decided to remain separate from your true identity.


Indeed, the only real choice is the choice for being ‘real’.  We are resistant only because of the fear behind the idea of change.  The truth is, at some stage in life most women have been catapulted from their mundane dream-state existence, and tossed flailing out of the fairy tale into the great unknown.  Many of us run straight back to Wonderland the moment our feet hit the ground realizing it is time to ‘own up’.  But—for those who make a conscious decision to embrace their Truth and honor the ‘woman within’–the brave ones who dare in this world to know and be authentic–to them belong the grand adventure called Life.  Reaching deep inside and then outwardly into the unknown, like budding flowers, we begin to explore our new world with fresh eyes.  We armor our Self with unconditional self-love.  We discard our masks and embrace our Truth.


Now we are free.


[Art and Script by Angela M. O’Neal.  Inspired by life, love, & women]


For the young lady who decided today to add this art to her home in Florida.  I am so happy it has a new home with someone who loves art!

“This mixed media acrylic collage is just as the title suggests…a contemplation of time. There are many layers of paper and paint giving it a lot of texture, but in the content the idea’s mainly expressed relate to the way women use time. Regrets of time misused through the bondage to time itself. Too much time in dreaming while leaving behind the dream. Keeping it just on the edges of our mind, but never bringing it forward because of a misplaced priority of time. Many ideas to contemplate through this work. I’m sure you can find your own way.”

Contemplating Time
Art by Angela M. O’Neal

A Course In Miracles…

Beautiful writing from A Course In Miracles, for this Sunday morning…

Lesson 186, Para 9…”He Who is changeless shares His attributes with His creation.  All the images His Son appears to make have no affect on what he is.  They blow across his mind like wind-swept leaves that form a patterning an instant, break apart to group again, and scamper off.  Or like mirages seen above a desert, rising from the dust.”

[He=God, etc…] [His Son=Us as His creation]